E.S.L./English Courses

url Dorson Vocation Training Institute is pleased to offer English as a Second Language or E.S.L. classes to non-native speaking student wishing to remove language as a barrier to employment. The course is designed for Non-Native individuals who wish to increase the clarity and accuracy of their speech while focusing on: learning standards, American English, stress punctuation, intonation and rhythm. Conversation, oral readings and skits will provide opportunities for practice and improvement that can help in everyday conversation. There will also be instruction on how to read and write English. Evaluations will be conducted throughout the course and each student will work towards a personal speech and writing goal with an experienced instructor.

Due to the increasing number of Non-Native English speakers in this country; and the current demands of the employment industry, it is necessary for those entering this country’s workforce to understand and communicate effectively while utilizing American English.

There are two levels of study. The Beginners level is designed for students little to no understanding of the English language. At the end of this class the students will be able to express themselves in a limited but understandable manner. After completion of the Intermediate levels, students are typically able to express themselves in all verb tenses with an everyday vocabulary.

Each class consists of 96 hours of extensive training, with no additional requirements or prerequisites to take this course.

Dorson Vocational Training Institute, is a division of Dorson Home Care, which is fully licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Our instructors are certified by The National Health Association (NHA) and provide exceptional hands on training to our healthcare students. In addition, Dorson Vocational Training Institute offers both day and evening classes as well as affordable tuition payment plans and access to financial aid. Lastly, our Career Services team works closely with students to help facilitate job placement. To learn more about our healthcare classes and programs Dorson Vocational Training Institute provides please call our East Orange, New Jersey admissions office at: 973.676.6300 orĀ click here.