Financial Aid

finaidDorson Vocational Training Institute works with students to set up a payment plan that fits best with the students financial situation. Students accepted under Chapter 531 are not responsible for payment of tuition or fees.

Dorson Vocational Training Institute works with several lenders and can provide referrals to various loan programs. It should also be noted that the student loans with the bank must be satisfied regardless of the success or lack of success at Dorson Vocational Training Institute. When students are given a loan they sign a promissory note with the bank. This loan is the same as any other loan and the student has full responsibility for managing the loan and its repayment.

Dorson Vocational Training Institute, is a division of Dorson Home Care, which is fully licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Our instructors are certified by The National Health Association (NHA) and provide exceptional hands on training to our healthcare students. In addition, Dorson Vocational Training Institute offers both day and evening classes as well as affordable tuition payment plans and access to financial aid. Lastly, our Career Services team works closely with students to help facilitate job placement. To learn more about our healthcare classes and programs Dorson Vocational Training Institute provides please call our East Orange, New Jersey admissions office at: 973.676.6300 or click here.